3 reasons to love homeownership during this special month

It’s time to talk about the joys of homeownership, especially since June is National Homeownership Month. Consider this survey: 88% of homeowners say they’re happy owning a home, while 69% of renters said they would be happier if they had their own place.

Those are striking numbers that show how worthwhile buying a home can be. It’s something we should all remember, no matter what current obstacles and challenges are in our way. Here are three reasons homeownership is still worth it to so many.

Buying a home builds deeper connections with those around you. One of the most cherished aspects of homeownership is the sense of community it fosters among neighbors. This engagement enriches the community fabric while enhancing the homeowner’s sense of belonging and mental health. Stability from owning a home helps people put down roots and build lasting relationships, contributing to a vibrant and supportive community.

Buying a home builds wealth in multiple ways. The economic benefits of homeownership are undeniable. According to Black Knight’s Home Price Index, the average seasonally adjusted US home price saw an approximate 80% increase from 2015 to 2023. This significant appreciation in home values has resulted in substantial wealth accumulation for homeowners, a benefit not available to renters. In addition to building equity, there are tax benefits and other financial reasons why owning a home is a good money move.  

People love having their own place. Finally, the pride of homeownership remains a compelling reason to pursue the American Dream. Not having to answer to a landlord allows individuals to express themselves, personalize their living spaces and cultivate a comfortable and welcoming environment for their families. For most, there is also an extra sense of security and peace of mind, which is why you should make sure the neighborhood—not just the house—fits your needs and desires, too.    

To all our customers and partners, thank you for allowing us to do what we do. We love being part of your real estate story and hope you find ways to celebrate your homeownership in special ways all month long.

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