It’s time to focus the Alliance Title spotlight on one of the hardworking team members in our Kalispell and Whitefish, MT branches, Elese Enders!

Elese has grabbed the bull by the horns – figuratively – since day one, which for her was in April 2021. Starting as a Delivery Driver, Elese recently became an Escrow Officer through our first in-house Escrow Officer training program. This 8-week session included plenty of hands-on training, and Elese excelled – all because she has a love for her job.

“Each day brings new opportunities to learn and meet new people. When I first started here, I never thought I’d find my niche in escrow. But to me, each day working in escrow or working to clear title on transactions feels like that moment when you finally remember something you forgot, and you get this mini head rush, a little light bulb moment,” she says. “I’m super lucky to have found a job that lets me experience that feeling every day.”

Elese also works as an Escrow Assistant when needed and serves as the branch’s Courier too. She assists with recordings, handles fundings, prepares disbursements and more. To her, “wearing many hats” is exciting. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that everyone in the branch is always willing to help each other. It’s all part of getting the job done.

“My team members and I possess very different and unique qualities that make us, well us!” Elyse says. “So, when we sit down to collaborate and share ideas or concerns with each other, it’s really awesome.”

When she’s not working or learning all she can about escrow, you’ll find Elese spending time with her boyfriend, reading, knitting or drawing. She loves to travel, too. Speaking of family, Elese credits her father for her work ethic and values.

“He’s always been such a great example of what it is to be an honest, hardworking person. His dedication and constant determination to always better himself through higher learning has always been inspiring to me,” she says. “He’s always encouraged me to find a career I love and to never stop learning.”

An avid sports fan – especially baseball and hockey – Elese turns to a Yankees icon Derek Jeter for her favorite quote. “It’s a business, it’s our job, but I don’t think you can do well unless you’re having fun.” For Elese, it’s a saying she keeps tucked away as a reminder to have fun and be positive in all aspects of life, including at work where she does so many great things!

Now that you’ve gotten to know Elese a little more, give a shout out to Alliance Title’s Kalispell branch on Facebook, and write them in on your next transaction! The team looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

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