Are you using these 3 Instagram features? If not, you should start!

It’s time to talk about Instagram again. We see so many of our friends, partners and customers on this platform, and we love it! 

The photo and video-focused social site continues to be the place to be seen for all things fun and elegant – and real estate certainly fits both of these categories. Though Instagram is no longer new to many of us, it does continue to adapt and evolve. Which is why we’re focused on the three main ways you should be engaging your audience beyond photos. Yes, we’re talking about reels, stories, and video. 


Reels are a relatively new feature to Instagram that we should all be using. They’re short video clips lasting up to 90 seconds — a great way to get the attention of passing scrollers. Use beautiful visuals, quick tips, and funny posts to catch your audience’s eye. You don’t always need to create brand-new content for your reels. Instead, you can repurpose your longer video content into snippets for maximum efficiency.


Stories are temporarily available snippets of pictures and videos that allow viewers to quickly click through updates. Since they are fixed to the very top of a feed, they get a lot of attention. Plus, they can be so much fun! Make the most of your Instagram Stories by updating them regularly with calls to action. 


Video is still the best way to connect when you want to deliver more value-packed and quality content to your audience. With its longer form, video lets you share major value points and showcase your personality in a visual way. Use video in your reels and stories and harness the full power of this advice. 

One additional tip: Don’t forget about text overlays and captions for video. One unique thing about clips on social media is that they’re often consumed without the sound on, so you must account for that.

You don’t have to master all three of these parts of the ‘gram. But it’s important to know these tools are at your disposal. After all, keeping up is key in all that we do. Go experiment and see which ones you and your audience love. 

We can’t wait to see what you continue to create! Our teams know we work with some of the best real estate professionals around, and Instagram is a great place for all of us to keep reinforcing that message.

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