Paw Power: 3 tips to make your love of animals work for you

It’s safe to say that most people have a fondness for animals. After all, 70% of American households own pets, with dogs and cats accounting for the majority. We’ve talked about pets and marketing before when trying to sell your home – highlight the pet amenities, but minimize the presence of your own specific pet. However, this message is catered to our REALTOR® friends.   

Consider this: There are more U.S. households with pets than children. Americans love their pets dearly; many treat them as valued family members. Adding Fido or Fifi to your real estate marketing can attract and create an emotional connection with potential buyers.

Here are two DOs and a DON’T when it comes to using your lovable pet to build connections with buyers and sellers.


Brand yourself as pet-friendly, and take to the streets. If you are a pet-owning agent, find fellow animal lovers by networking. For example, volunteering at a humane society can promote bonding with other volunteers (prospects) over cats and dogs. Pop on a hat or sweatshirt with your company logo, and take your pup for a walk. Interact with people in the community or at pet-friendly hangouts. A friendly dog makes you more approachable, and people can immediately see you are in real estate.

Attract attention with pet pics on social media. Who can resist a cute dog photo or a popular cat meme? They’re cute, and they get attention. An adorable puppy with the words, “Let’s find you a backyard that’ll make your pup smile,” or a grumpy cat that says, “Signed one-year lease on house, discovered mortgage was cheaper than rent” will surely stop people from scrolling and, more importantly, generate smiles.


Overdo it. Posting photos of yourself with your pet in your main marketing materials and on your website’s home page can be excessive. Homebuyers and sellers visiting your website aren’t there to find a pet sitter or a groomer. You can show you love animals without overdoing it. After all, when efforts of any kind on social media seem forced, it’s harder to appear genuine and authentic.

It could be said that the real estate market is going to the dogs (and cats), and that certainly can be a good thing. If you’re handling a listing, don’t forget to mention all the pet perks both in writing and during your pitches. (fenced-in yards, nearby dog parks, those kinds of things.) And when you’re ready for a loyal and hardworking title and closing partner, our teams will be there for all our customers and partners.

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