4 reasons we should all celebrate National Volunteer Month

There’s already been so much to celebrate in April. The ultimate joke day, religious holidays and Financial Literacy Month, just to name a few. But we didn’t want to let the month run out without spotlighting the importance of community service for all of us in real estate. 

As you likely know, our teams are active in the communities we serve outside of the office too! Each of our branches is full of caring team members who give their time to causes they care about. We know many of our partners’ share this desire to give back whenever possible, and we wanted to spotlight why showing love is so important in our line of work.

Volunteering builds a stronger community. Plus, it can also help create a positive reputation for yourself, your company and the industry as a whole. We know you love your community, but others should, too!  

Good deeds can lead to good networking. Service naturally fosters opportunities for networking and building relationships with other professionals and community members. This can lead to new business opportunities and partnerships.

Your professional expertise will be appreciated. Think about how many housing-related organizations there are out there. We’re the real estate and community experts. Use all of that knowledge for good, and it will be appreciated by everyone involved.    

Doing good makes you feel good. Let’s end this on an extra-high note. Donating your time and skills can be a good outlet for you. After all, happiness is never a bad thing. Volunteering can reduce stress and improve mental health, which we could all use right now.

Have a cause that’s close to your heart? Let’s talk about it the next time you’re around the closing table. We take pride in being great local partners in multiple ways. Our teams love being part of such a caring real estate community and are always here to be the title and escrow partner you can rely on.

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