3 tips to show some love to your colleagues and employees

Spreading love is what we do, so today, we’re talking about acknowledging the people you see every day. That’s right; we’re talking about your colleagues. Whether you’re a team leader or just want to show some appreciation to a friend in the office, making the extra effort can go a long way – more on that in a second.

Employee recognition remains a driving force as people mature and enter the workforce. Consistent reinforcement encourages high job performance, helps your organization retain talent and improves team engagement. The bottom line is that people feel the most validated when it’s evident those around them value their contributions to the team.

But how do you start a genuine recognition campaign? We’re glad you asked. No milestone is too small – or too big – for celebration. This includes personal achievements, hitting desired metrics, going above and beyond and reaching significant career milestones.  

A little goes a long way.

While grander gestures stand out and are an important part of employee recognition from time to time, the power of daily thanks and other affirmations is often underrated. It’s the effort that counts. Scheduling reminders for birthdays and work anniversaries are great places to start.

Be specific and prompt.

Recognition tends to be more meaningful and impactful when it’s tied to a specific objective or accomplishment. Be direct and genuine and make sure you do it in a timely fashion. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this. 

There are several ways to recognize employees for their efforts, and monetary rewards are only part of the puzzle. Ask your team what matters most to them and know that the same tactic may not work for each team member. There are several love languages out there, after all. 

From a young age, people are recognized by their parents, teachers, and friends, and we all love to share in each other’s accomplishments. Believe it or not, adults remember the gold stars and ribbons from school and how those things made them feel. Make sure your workplace cultivates this positivity. Next time you’re around our settlement table, let us know what in your life should be celebrated. We’d love to share that joy.

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