4 easy ways to step up your marketing in 2023

Let’s make the holiday magic last well into the New Year! As one of our last gifts to you this year, we would like to give you four marketing goals you’ll actually want to achieve in 2023.   

  1. Embrace short-form video. Record your properties and yourself, then share over social media and email. Seventy-three percent of people said they prefer to learn about a service from a video. What is a short-form video? We’re glad you asked. Long story short: It’s generally any video shorter than a minute.
  1. Get a new headshot. We love seeing your face, whether it’s digitally or in person, and your customers do too! However, if it’s been a few years (or more than a few years), it’s time to update your headshot. While it may seem trivial, a great headshot allows you to show your personality, and convey your local market expertise.  
  1. Start a real estate blog. Position yourself as a local expert; answer your clients’ most-asked questions and share resources. Plus, writing a blog is really cool. Our team has certainly loved sharing our thoughts with you in this digital space, and we hope we have become a must-read for you! Remember to let us know if you’d like to see a specific topic addressed next year.  
  1. Be more social on your social media. Social media has likely been a big part of your overall strategy, but if you’re only using it for the sake of “contact me today” or “look at what I did” type posts, it’s time to strike a more personal tone. The goal is always to look real and engaging. Asking people what type of décor they would choose for a living room or the type of flooring they like for a home office can be conversation starters that keep people coming back to your page again and again.

Looking for more advice? Click here. Thank you for all your business and friendship during the past year. We know it was a bit of a roller coaster, but there is no one we’d rather have on this ride than you! Let’s get ready to celebrate plenty of shared success together in 2023.

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