3 tips for buying a home this winter

Even in the market’s busiest years – at least pre-pandemic – home sales slowed during the winter months. The holidays are a busy time, and for many of us, loading a moving truck when the mercury is at its lowest – does not sound like a favorable activity.

However, we’re here to discuss why this winter may be the perfect time to buy a home if you’re still on the house hunt. There’s usually less competition, and sellers may be extra motivated to get a deal done – especially in today’s market. It may even be easier to hire movers this time of year.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while trying to find your perfect home.

Take time to really look. One of the best things about searching for a home in winter is that you’ll be able to really see a property because of the added stress from the elements. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to look at the home in all kinds of light or test windows and doors to see if they are sealed properly. Go back a second – or third – time for more peace of mind.

Don’t skip the professional inspection – even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Winter is still winter, and none of us control the weather. Delays can pop up, especially during this season, but it’s important not to cut corners. That means getting the inspection before proceeding, even if you have to reschedule it.

Choose the right real estate professionals to help you. You caught us. This is an evergreen tip but making sure you have the best real estate team to guide your journey is extra important during the holidays. Picking the right agent, loan officer and title company is the key to a happy transaction.

No matter when you’re ready to buy or sell a home, our teams want to be your title and escrow partner. Reach out to us during any season.

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