Don’t wait until 2023 to start building something special

During the holidays, our team knows schedules get busy, and we thank you for always trusting us to keep your transactions on track, which is why we wanted to write this post early. As 2023 approaches, you’ll hear plenty about goal setting and resolutions, but we’re here to say you don’t have to wait until January to start something new. 

Remember, real estate is a local business. You’ve likely spent years building your brand in your community, but it’s time to re-examine your efforts once again. People want to work with real estate professionals who know their locale forwards and backwards. That’s you, but do people outside of your network know that you have all this knowledge? They should. Make sure your digital accounts have a local flavor, share your expertise and volunteer at nearby events. (The holidays are a perfect time for this.) Be seen, and your brand will thrive.

Act fast and be ready to be nimble. The market may be slower than we like right now, but all real estate professionals need to make sure we’re maintaining a sense of urgency from a customer service standpoint. The modern world moves fast, and all of us should be quick, too. This means more than being responsive when it comes to communication. It’s also embracing the technology that makes your job easier. 

Build up your network of experts. It’s OK not to know all the answers, but you want to know the people who have them. Get your Rolodex (yes, we’re dating ourselves here), and make sure you have a specialist at the ready for every topic your buyers and sellers may want to explore more in-depth. (After all, more referrals are an excellent way for us to build more business together.) We’re happy to be your title and escrow resource and ready to answer any questions you or your clients have on all things closing-related. Reach out to us today. 

Our teams love working with you and your customers all year long and promise to be here whenever you need us.

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