Employee Spotlight – Madison Toohey

Madison is a Customer Service Representative for Alliance Title’s Meridian, ID branch. She has been with Alliance Title since 2020. In her role, Madison provides information to clients about properties in the Treasure Valley and beyond. She also prepares property listing books for customers to present at home listings.

One of Madison’s favorite values is teamwork. She says, “Having a great team to help get the job done makes all the difference. When you have a team that works well together, it shows. There are so many hands that touch one single real estate transaction; from the time an order is opened, to the time clients sit down at the closing table.” Madison continues, “It really takes a village; and I’m quite fond of OUR village!”

Madison enjoys interacting with clients on a daily basis. She adds, “It’s a joy to be able to help them with whatever they are working on, or trying to figure out.” 

When asked who she admires most, Madison says her dad comes to mind, especially recently. “He will be retiring in the next few weeks and I’d say he greatly deserves it! He has exemplified what it means to work wholeheartedly at a task, even on the hardest of days.” She concludes, “I will always treasure the summers on the lake with him, being his honorary co-manager.”

Outside of work, Madison loves baking, spending time with family, and creating flower arrangements. She likes staying productive in her free time.  

Her favorite quote is, “When you don’t know what to do next, just do the thing in front of you,” from Elisabeth Elliot. Madison appreciates the simplicity of this quote and how straightforward it is. She suggests, “When you’re overwhelmed, just deal with it – and start with the first thing in front of you.” Madison says it has been a great reminder for her. Now that you’ve gotten to know Madison a little more, give a shout out to Alliance’s Meridian Branch on Facebook and write them in on your next transaction! Madison looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

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