Real Estate Tip of the Week: Time to Get Leads

We’ll help lead the way to your next client! But what you might not have considered….your next lead can come from your pas clients.

It’s always a good idea to keep in touch with former customers. They might need you in the future, or they might pass you along to someone else who’s been looking for a real estate agent.

A Thank You Note

If a past client of yours gave you a referral, you should either call, email, or send a letter thanking them for their help. The client will be happy you acknowledged their referral, and it shows your appreciation.

While you have their attention, update them about the current status of the market, how their home is doing, etc. You might just get to provide them with more information – like a referral for a contractor if they’re looking to remodel.

It might also be a great idea to send a little gift to the client if the referral ends with a close!

Just Listed and Just Sold Cards / Market Updates

Keep your past clients up to date with some of the closings you’ve been up to. By showing them your success, they’ll remember you for any future home buying decisions.

Sending important market updates is another great idea to stay connected! Give specific neighborhood stats, updates on refinances, etc.

Remember Anniversaries

Keep a log of closings – when their move-in date comes back around, send them a cute little anniversary card and thank them again for their business. It’ll be a nice reminder for them, and a great way for you to stay in touch.

Some real estate agents go above and beyond and send a little gift as well! You know your clients best, so keep that in mind when sending a gift.

Being genuine and sincere when reaching out to past clients is your ultimate goal; don’t spam them with unnecessary junk – they’ll be able to spot that a mile away. 

For more real estate tips and guides, stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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