Real Estate Tip of the Week: 2021 Design Trends

Homeowners and homebuyers are always looking to the next big thing – so home design and trends are constantly changing.

What can we expect for 2021? Houzz, a home-design website, has already made predictions as to what buyers and owners will be on the hunt for in terms of purchasing or updating. If you want to be the real estate agent these home seekers go for, then this list below should help you out.

Check out five of Houzz’s predictions here:

Multi-Zone Kitchen

Kitchens usually have three work zones between the fridge, sink, and range. However, more homeowners are adding additional work points, which Houzz refers to as a “work trapezoid.” These areas might help with baking, prepping and chopping, or other designated areas like snacks, drinks, or supplies.

Sconce Lighting

Sconce lighting is traditionally known as a bracket mounted on the wall that is used to hold a source of light. Homeowners are wanting to apply “swing-arm” sconce fixtures. Houzz notes that these type of lighting elements help add a bit of shimmer from metal finishes and helps break up walls of cabinets or tile.

Updating Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are now becoming the space in the room for evoking a “relaxing vibe” to help reduce stress. Some updates have been adding steam showers, aromatherapy shower heads, and elements to hold beverages.

Home Offices and Nooks

Obviously with the pandemic and most employees working from home, homeowners are requesting home offices where there will be an efficient space for work.

Video Conference-Worthy Backgrounds

In addition to requiring office spaces, some homeowners are also wanting an aesthetically pleasing background for all of the new video meetings. Whether that’s a built-in bookcase, a reading nook, or a pop of color, this new design trend is all about making things look pretty.

What home design trends are you most looking forward to in 2021?

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