Real Estate Tip of the Week: TikTok Guide for Agents

Have you wondered what TikTok is, or have you avoided it all together? Or maybe you’ve created an account, but got intimidated?

Don’t fear – Alliance Title is here!

TikTok might seem a bit confusing (making a video? With graphics? What??) – but we promise this app is completely accessible and a wonderful way for you to connect with your audience.

First, What is TikTok?

TikTok is a free video social media app that you can use on your smart phone. People watch, like, comment, and share video content.

Most of these videos are set to music, or some sort of trend. Most TikTok videos are short, quick, and funny – or show a more personal side.

Check out our TikTok Tips:


After you’ve created your account, it would help if you researched hashtags that you enjoy and are curious about, before you dive in on how to use it for your real estate brand. That way, you can see how others are using the app – you’ll become inspired to create your own version, but with real estate style!

Find a Trend and Copy

The funny thing about TikTok – it’s all about copying. Find a hashtag trend you think is funny, is interesting, or that you think would be fun to make, but put your own real estate spin on it! An example couple be the “#thisismyvoice” trend where people record their voices dramatically changing over time (check out one here).


TikTok’s algorithims are a little different than Instagram’s – but hashtags are still important, especially if you’re posting to a trend! The more creative you are, the more TikTok likes you, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

Real Estate Ideas

So, what are real estate videos you can make on TikTok? Check out some of these ideas:

  • Feature behind-the-scene footage of you having fun setting up an open house, etc.
  • Offer snippets of the best features of a home you’re about to show!
  • Explain important real estate data
  • Point out all of the ways you can help buyers or sellers become successful with their real estate purchase
  • Fun videos of you, pets, friends, or family

Social media is meant to be fun – so treat it as such! TikTok could be a great way to reconnect with your audience.

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