Employee Spotlight – Brandy Woods

We have a new employee spotlight! Let’s give a round of applause for Brandy Woods!

Brandy is Alliance’s Title Assistant for our Kalispell, Montana branch. Brandy has done anything and everything from being a courier to searching. Being at the recording desk and examining are Brandy’s favorite tasks for her job – and she loves building a relationship with clients!

Brandy has been with Alliance since 2007, and has been of great assistance to the Whitefish office as well.

Of the Alliance Core Values, Brandy’s favorites are “Teamwork” and “Trust & Respect.” Brandy explains, “I want my clients to trust and respect us, and I can’t provide that on my own. I need the assistance and help of my team to get us there. Sure, we can be a rock star on our own – but without the band, who are we?”

Outside of the office, you’ll probably find Brandy enjoying the great outdoors. She continues, “My happy place is always on a dirt road with good music, good people, good food, and of course, good drinks. Hunting, fishing, camping, being on the river, and hanging out around a fire are a few of my favorite things.”

When asked whom Brandy admires, she immediately thinks of her grandparents – “They worked (still do) hard to show us as a family what hard work will do. Without them, I wouldn’t have been raised without the ‘go get em’ mentality they instilled in my parents. The problem is, I CANNOT say no to them – my grandmother convinced me to jump out of a plane with her – and she was 70 years old at the time!”

Brandy’s favorite quote, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt,” by John Muir, is something she tries to strive by. Brandy explains, “Some paths in life require 4-Wheel-Drive. It isn’t always easy, but always worth the view when you get to the top. Keep on truckin’!”

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