Real Estate Tip of the Week: Agent Guidance Amidst COVID-19

As we try and figure out how to maintain our business while COVID continues on, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself as well as your loved ones during this strange time.

Moving forward, how can you keep your real estate business up and running when COVID is still very much a prominent part of everyone’s daily lives – and with states opening and closing their phases?

Utilize Social Media to Build Relationships

The good news: social distancing is incredibly easy through social media! Focus on one social media platform at a time (create a schedule – check out our past article, here) and attract new clients and maintain a relationship with your past clients.

One example of utilizing your social media page for business would be to highlight resources that buyers or sellers can use (like builders, lenders, etc.) and have them reach out to you for more!

Rethink Your Listings

Your buyers might not be able to (or might not want to) go visit homes in person – so that means you have to think in terms of the buyer. What do buyers want to look at when they are physically in the home they’re interested in?

Take pictures of views from windows, of closet and pantry spaces, and include photos of the entire exterior (driveway, siding, etc.). This will all help them gather a better idea about what the home looks like and offers.

Virtual Meetings & Tours

Instead of putting all of your meetings with potential or current clients on hold, meet with them over GoToMeeting, Skype, or Zoom! Check out our previous article on how to prepare for these kinds of meetings, here.

Another very important tip: remember to enjoy your self-care and your family during these weird times!

Want more real estate tips? Check out Alliance Title’s Blog.

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