Housing Preferences During COVID-19

People seem to be changing their ideas on what they love and don’t love about their homes – COVID-19 has definitely shaped the way clients view essential needs within their homes.

Nate Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer of realtor.com ®, explains, “After more than a month of stay-at-home orders, it’s safe to say American are really getting to know what home features work and don’t work for their families.”

Realtor.com ® then released a survey, showing what homeowners have come to enjoy about their homes, and what they wish to improve. Check out the results below:

What Homeowners Like Most

  • A quiet neighborhood – 13%
  • Outdoor space – 13%
  • Close proximity to grocery stores and pharmacies: 13%
  • Updated kitchen – 10%
  • Natural light – 9%
  • Flexible spaces for crafting, gaming, etc. – 6%

What Homeowners Wish to Improve

  • More space – 19%
  • Updated kitchen – 13%
  • Home gym – 11%
  • Update the style/aesthetics – 9%
  • More natural light – 9%
  • Add a yard or patio – 9%
  • Add a bathroom – 6%

While the world is still at a standstill, it might be a good time for home improvements! For more real estate news, stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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