Real Estate Tip of the Week: Virtual Meetings with Clients

With the new normal meaning sweatpants at home and working at the kitchen table, it’s time to prep for how you can help clients achieve their real estate dreams virtually.

How does that look? Take a moment to check out our tips below:

Prep the Materials

Before you host your virtual meeting, be sure to email a set of materials to help them prepare. Alliance Title has a Client-Resource Guide and a Buyer-Seller Guide that you can easily email!

Clean Your Desktop

It might be a good idea to declutter the (possible) mess you might have on your desktop. Sometimes you have to share your screen with your client, and you don’t want them thinking your disorganized and messy, do you?

Pick Your Platform

Will you be using Skype? Google Hangouts? Facebook Messenger? Be sure you understand the platform you’re using and how to share the screen when need be. This article lists a lot of great screen-sharing software!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice your presentation – whether you’re using PowerPoint, Google Docs, or just talking freely with your clients. Have a goal and a script in mind on how you’d like the meeting to go.

With sheltering-in-place being the current “new norm”, it’s important that you adapt and still fulfil the needs of buyers and sellers.

Alliance Title is here to help you every step of the way! Check out our blog here for more ideas.

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