Employee Spotlight – Joy Denning

We have a new Employee Spotlight – Joy Denning!

Joy Denning is a Servicing Title Officer for our Blackfoot, Idaho branch. Joy helps customers understand their commitments and answers their questions. She also records, supervises recordings, and completes inspections. Before becoming a Servicing Title Officer, Joy started out posting and recording for 6 months before jumping into searching and examining.

Joy truly loves what she’s able to do – Joy explains, “I enjoy the research of history and old documents as well as helping customers resolve their issues.”

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Teamwork,” is Joy’s favorite. She explains, “I could not do my job without everyone on my team. We have a great office, and we all work well together. There is always someone ready to help out. My team in Boise also jumps in, helps us satisfy customers, and answers my endless questions. I have others on my title team in various Alliance offices that let me discuss situations with them too. It sometimes takes all of us to get the deal closed.”

When asked whom she admires, Joy immediately thinks of her parents. Joy continues, “I admire my parents for their values and integrity that they have instilled within me. Hopefully I have passed their lessons on to my son for our future generations. They lived through the depression, at a time when the most valuable thing they had was their family and integrity. They have sacrificed so much for us, and helped so many in need. What a great example they were to me.”

Outside the office, Joy loves to spend time in the great outdoors – especially exploring both Idaho and Utah. She loves to go camping, biking, hiking, fishing, and traveling to new places. Joy also loves woodworking, handmade items, and trying new dishes at restaurants. Joy says, “Although I like to cook, I enjoy other people’s cooking the best!”

But most of all, Joy loves being a grandmother – “What a joy they bring to my life!”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Joy a little more, stop by Alliance Title’s Blackfoot office and write them in on your next transaction! Joy looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

Joy Denning – Servicing Title Officer at Alliance’s Blackfoot Branch
246 W Pacific St., STE. A, 83221

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