Must Love Dogs: Condo Requirements Before Move-In

There might be some ruff news for future homebuyers if you’re looking to purchase in a condo.

Home shoppers know that when it comes to finalizing a home transaction, you’re going to need to send in financial statements, tax returns, and more – to condo and co-op boards before you’re accepted.

But now, a lot of condos are requesting an extra step if you own a pet.

Some condos and co-ops are requiring headshots, resumes, recommendation letters, and even sit-in interviews for pets.

As of now, this is more popular in New York City – where pet interviews are mandatory in order to ensure pets won’t fight other residents or bark throughout the night. Those on the board believe they might be held legally liable if the pet bites another person in one of the common spaces.

Some pets, if listed as “banned”, have the opportunity to try out a trial period – if the resident signs a letter that acknowledges the dog can remain in the building only at the board’s discretion.

While this might be another hoop to jump through – maybe a cute sweater or bow tie might help your pet pass on a good first impression.

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