Tick Tock: Homebuyers Don’t Care About the Clock

Making a commitment is hard.

Let alone purchasing a home.

Your house will probably be the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime (not to continue scaring you), so it would make sense for you to need time on your decision.  

According to a new study from Canadian real estate firm, Zolo, nearly 2,000 recent homebuyers said they spent an average of 124 hours – 10 days – searching for a home.

And one of their biggest regrets?

Wishing they would have taken more time to look through homes.

But if you’re currently trying to sell your home, don’t let the time frame bother you. The study also found that the more the buyer visits a home, the better odds are for it to end in a sale:

  • 10% of buyers say they viewed the home just once before submitting an offer
  • 23% viewed twice
  • 31% viewed three times
  • 20% viewed four times

Younger buyers aged 21 to 29 were the biggest group to view three to four times before making an offer, whereas buyers aged 30 to 39 viewed a property twice on average.

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