Decluttering your Home to Spark Joy

It’s time for Marie Kondo to ask you, “Does this spark joy?”

Sometimes, organizing your home can be the very last thing you want to do. But it’s proven that an organized and decluttered home helps decrease stress – so why not start of this year right?

When you’re trying to sell what you no longer need, Craigslist is usually the top website on everyone’s list. However, there are plenty of other moving and decluttering apps to use on your next spring cleaning day!


This app will help you donate any of your unwanted clothes and accessories. ThredUp will send you a bag to fill with your donations; afterwards, you ship the bag for free by dropping it off at any Post Office or FedEx location – and once your bag has been processed, you’ll earn cash or credit for the items they’ve accepted. They’ll donate the ones they believe won’t resell.


A clever take on a garage sale, VarageSale brings it to you virtually. You sign up through Facebook and become connected to your “Community” – essentially the city you live in and are willing to buy/sell items.

You can sell anything from clothing items to furniture pieces – everything is categorized and easy for you to find. The app also has a messaging feature, so you’re able to talk with owners through the app and not have to give out your personal phone number.


If you’re not really willing to talk to strangers, Decluttr is the app for you when you’re trying to get rid of tech gadgets.

This app will help you downsize on CDs, DVDs, Blue-rays, video games, or books. You scan the barcodes of the items, and Decluttr will decide the price they’re willing to pay for. If you’re happy with the offer, they’ll send you packaging that will ship for free. While it might not bring you the most bang for your buck, it’s safe and easy.

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