Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Choosing Your Home Address

Location, location, location.

It’s easy to picture your dream home – does it have new granite countertops? Big, spacious windows? Open beams? Great!

But what about the neighborhood? Is it next to the freeway? Is it within walking distance of supermarkets? Does it offer any amenities like a local gym or a community center?

The home is half the battle – the neighborhood is the second half.

This past summer, Trulia released a survey that found 36% of homeowners would move to a different neighborhood if they could. So, let’s avoid neighborhood regret, shall we?


While your wish list should include the square footage you’re looking for in your home, the neighborhood feel should also be at the top of that list.

Do you want a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood or a livelier urban lifestyle? Explore the surrounding area of the home you’re looking at to understand the vibe.

Ask Around

If possible, getting the opportunity to talk with the locals in the area can really give you a sense of what the neighborhood evokes. You can ask how kids or pets fit into the neighborhood, or if there happens to be any unexpected street noise you wouldn’t be aware of.


Safety and school quality are two of the top factors many homebuyers consider before purchasing a home. The neighborhood atmosphere is a great way to establish what you are willing to work with. Search for a crime risk map of the area – the locals will talk about safety and school ratings will be posted.

Don’t label it searching for your “dream home” – think about searching for your dream location. The dream home will quickly follow suit.

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